FtG Quickbar


A quickbar modification that allows you to use up to all fifty quickslots at once, while also providing options to center the quickbar. It also fixes the game where the quickbar broke when expanded too far on very wide displays. Don't forget to unlock the quickbar using the icon in the lower left corner to then drag the tab on the right end in order to expand the quickbar. Also compatible with other quickbar switcher mods.

Getting the Mod

Latest version

The latest version is v1.0.

Download locations

It's available for download from Dragon Age Nexus or the Bioware Social site.

Supported game versions

Currently the mod supports game versions v1.03 to v1.04. No guarantees, but if somebody is willing to test it on older game versions, then it may get a backport for v1.0 to v1.02.

Installing the Mod

Installing with DAUpdater

While you can always install this mod with other mod managers such DAModder or DAO-Modmanager, this details how to install the mod in the default way supported by the game.

  • Double click the file "FtG Quickbar - v1.0.dazip".
  • Select the row with the mod, and then click the button Install Selected.
  • After the mod installs, close the updater window.
  • If the mod doesn't appear to be active in game, then follow these instructions:
    • In the game's main menu, select Downloadable Content.
    • Open the Installed Content tab.
    • Look for the entry "FtG Quickbar ~ v1.0".
    • Here as some possibilities:
      • If it's unchecked, then recheck it and relaunch the game to ensure that the mod is properly loaded, even though it doesn't prompt you to restart.
      • Make sure you have game patch v1.03 to v1.04 installed or the mod will not load.

Disabling the Mod

  • Select Downloadable Content from the game's main menu.
  • Click the Installed Content tab.
  • Uncheck "FtG Quickbar ~ v1.0" in the content list.
  • Restart the game to ensure that all UI resources have been properly reloaded by the game.


  • This UI mod should be fundamentally compatible with any currently known mod, including FtG UI Mod. There may come a later time when this mod will have to be merged into FtG UI Mod to retain their mutual compatibility, but a standalone version will always be made available. This includes compatibility with other quickbar mods that give you more quickbars by switching them, such as anakin5's Advanced Quickbar.
  • It should work with any official game translation, since the only English is in the module's DLC description.

Configuring the Mod

Use the provided application to set the options for the mod. Don't forget to unlock the quickbar in the game so you can use the drag handle to change the quickbar's length. The game engine supports up to 50 quickslots at once, so this mod has had to make some concessions about how best to handle that limitation. It will always try its best to give you 50 quickslots, or at least as many as it can. With the defaults and expanding the quickbar, you shouldn't have a problem.

The configuration utility writes its settings into GDA files stored in My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\FTG_QUICKBAR. It does not alter the game's resources or even the mod's. You don't need to reinstall the mod when changing the configuration either - just relaunch the game if you change the configuration.

Mod configuration utility:


The quickbar has three major options: how many rows it should have, where it should be positioned, and the ability to cycle quickslots around in order to change where the first row starts (the one with the first ten quickslots that have hotkeys).

Quickbar configuration options:

Maximum quickbar rows

You can select from 1 to 3 rows. The number of rows in game dynamically adjusts on how far you've expanded the quickbar. The further it's expanded, the more slots can fit on one row. As mentioned, the game engine only supports up to 50 quickslots at once, and this mod will try to give you as many as it can given this rows setting. It's recommended to have at least 2 rows if you want to get more quickslots. 3 rows should allow you to get 50 quickslots if you adjust the quickbar length sufficiently.

From left to right - 3 rows, 3 rows (top row is ragged), 2 rows:

Quickbar alignment

You can keep the quickbar anchored to the left side of the screen, or you can opt to align it to the center. When centered, there's the issue of the so-called "ragged rows". Recall that the game only supports up to 50 quickslots, so by way of example, say you have two rows of 22 quickslots and a third row of 6 quickslots. That third row could start on the left side of the quickbar, but it might look nicer if it were instead centered on the quickbar. The left and right bias just determine which way to snap the quickslot when it can't be evenly centered.

Quickbar left aligned:

Quickbar center aligned, ragged rows also center aligned:

Quickslot wrapping

You might want to wrap the quickslots around in order to change where the quickslots mapped to hotkeys are. You have a choice of moving them to the left or right. Say you had three rows of quickbars and wanted to move the slots with hotkeys to the end of the top row. Then you could simply wrap them left by 10 spaces. Think of the quickbar slots going in the order from left to right, bottom to top.

Quickslots shifted 10 spaces to the left. Hotkeys in the top row:

Effect bar

The effect bar is pesky thing and there are some options provided for dealing with it. By default, it's always expanded so it's moved to where it can fit, which might just be above the top quickbar row. If this obscures too much of the display, you can choose Always compacted or Auto expand and compact.

Effect bar configuration options:

Expand and compact

The compacted option removes the name and experience bar from the effect bar so there's more space for it to squeeze in beside the quickbar. If you look at the character portait tooltip or the character sheet menu, then you can see that information that way.

The auto expand and compact option does as it says and tries to expand the quickbar, but compacts it otherwise. Things like injuries and effects determine its current length.

Compact effect bar:

Expanded effect bar:


If you don't have Always expanded selected, you can have the effect bar autorotated to fit beside the quickbar instead of moved to the top row of the quickbar. If the effect bar isn't centered, but anchored to the left side of the screen, then this setting will be ignored. This setting may be useful on lower resolution displays where space is more at a premium. It only autorotates the quickbar in compact mode so it doesn't obscure the notifications or character portraits.

Rotated, compact effect bar: